Why Everyone Needs a Home Based Business

  • The Home-Based Business Boom

    The advent of intellectual distribution is one reason that network marketing offers such a favorable opportunity, but it is not the only reason. Another powerful factor is the current boom in home-based businesses. Small businesses today account for more than one-half of our nation’s economic output and employ more than half our private-sector work force—and more than half of these are home-based businesses. Only 20 years ago, people who worked from home were immediately suspect, as if that implied there was something wrong with them, that they couldn’t get a “real job.” Today, the sharpest and richest people we know are the people who work at home. One factor in this change is a massive shift in the dominant unit of technology, the building block of our total economy. When I graduated from Wharton 30 years ago I went to work at Citibank, not because I was interested in banking but because I wanted access to the best technology, and Citibank had the biggest, best computers available. Back then, that was the only way to have access to the best technology.